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Robuchon project: the Maison-Dieu will be sold for €600,000

Robuchon project: the Maison-Dieu will be sold for €600,000

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The historic Maison-Dieu, a property of the University Hospital of Poitiers, will be sold for the sum of 600,000€ and will soon house a luxury hotel-restaurant.


The signing of the agreement for the conversion of the Maison-Dieu site took place on Friday, July 1, in the Chapelle Saint-Laurent located just a stone’s throw from the Maison-Dieu in Montmorillon, a town in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.


This eleventh century building will be destined to host one of the branches of the Robuchon Project in 2025. The Maison-Dieu will be rehabilitated into a professional training site and a luxury gastronomy-hotel.


A luxury application hotel-restaurant managed by the starred chef Régis Marcon will take place in this location, as desired by the late French starred chef Joël Robuchon, as part of the International Institute of French Gastronomy.


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