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Small champagne houses, leaders in influence on Instagram

Small champagne houses, leaders in influence on Instagram

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Between communication campaigns, initiatives and exclusive experiences, French champagne houses are redoubling their imagination to reap popularity on social networks. Here are the most influential Houses on Instagram.


Since the advent of social networks, wine, champagne, and other spirits houses no longer rely solely on the quality of their beverage or their reputation but also on their digital presence. This is a privileged way for small and independent houses, less renowned than the giants of the sector, to gain notoriety and, therefore, to create a wider customer base.

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Unveiled by Le Figaro Vin, the ranking brings together the 50 most influential champagne brands on Instagram. This is also accompanied by a Top 10 of brands with the most followers and a Top 10 of those with the best engagement rate. And the results turned out to be very surprising depending on the rankings.


Big champagne houses, leaders in terms of subscribers




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Featured photo : © Veuve Cliquot

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