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Responsible consumption impacted by inflation ?

Responsible consumption impacted by inflation ?

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With the fourth edition of its Who Cares, Who Does study, unveiled on 4 October, Kantar this time looked at consumer behaviour towards sustainable development in the retail sector.


For nearly five years, Kantar, the world leader in marketing data and analysis, has published the annual Who Does study, which examines consumer behaviour in relation to various environmental and ecological issues.


This year again, by questioning nearly 100,000 consumers in 24 countries, the study reveals that responsible consumption no longer seems to be a priority in the daily lives of shoppers. And for good reason! The post-Covid era, rising living standards, inflation… all factors that have led to a decline in the number of so-called “eco-committed” consumers in several countries.


Households facing “eco-responsible” purchases


The study shows a segmentation of households into three distinct profiles:


Eco-sceptics show little or no interest in the environment and do nothing to reduce their waste: 44% of respondents say they are “eco-sceptics” in 2022 vs. 37% in 2021.

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Eco-sensitive people show interest in the environment but take few initiatives to reduce their waste. In 2022, 38% of respondents said they were “eco-sensitive” vs. 41% in 2021.


Eco-engaged people are very concerned about the environment and take concrete action to reduce waste. However, for the first time since 2019, the percentage of eco-committed people is decreasing, whereas it was increasing in the three previous years. 18% of those surveyed said they were “eco-committed” in 2022, compared with 22% in 2021.


With a drop in the percentage of responsible buyers and a considerable increase in the number of “eco-sceptics”, it can be clearly seen that households are now integrating the environment less into their purchasing behaviour than in previous years.



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