Regulation of influencers: text of the law adopted by the Assembly

The deputies of the National Assembly adopted on Thursday March 30th the law on the regulation of influencers. The text, which allows the regulation of their activity in France, will soon be studied by the Senate.

It was time to lift the veil on this profession. On Thursday, the deputies met in the Assembly to vote the law of regulation of the influencers, which gives their activity a legal framework. With 49 votes for and none against, the law was adopted unanimously.


After many polemics, this law comes at the right time to define this profession from a legislative point of view and especially to curb some practices. The law, which should be validated by the Senate, applies to all influencers who address the French. The text also wishes to protect the youngest and to supervise “the activity of the minors in particular for the less than 16 years which will have to obtain an approval near the services of the State. 90% of the sums received from commercial influence will have to be deposited until they reach the age of majority”.


What is an influencer?


The text clearly defines what an influencer is, namely a natural or legal person who uses his or her “reputation to communicate to the public by electronic means content aimed at promoting, directly or indirectly, goods, services or any cause whatsoever in return for an economic benefit or an advantage in kind”.



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The editorial team
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