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Practical Tips : Jaguar Land-Rover’s strategy to fight COVID-19

Practical Tips : Jaguar Land-Rover’s strategy to fight COVID-19

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UK car sales fell by 97% in April, the biggest drop since the end of World War II. Hit by the Covid-19 tornado, in the midst of a real slump, the British group Jaguar Land-Rover is trying to provide economic, sanitary and social responses to the crisis. Whether requesting temporary financial support, setting up a virtual showroom or implementing a reinforced hygiene plan, the car manufacturer has no shortage of initiatives to recover from a brutal recession.



After a drop in sales of more than 30% between January and March, the flagship of the automobile industry is trying hard to get back on its feet.


An application for a state loan


Faced with the collapse of its car sales caused by the pandemic, Jaguar Land Rover first seeked financial assistance from the government.


The U.K.’s largest auto manufacturer has beenin talks with the government to borrow more than 1 billion pounds ($1.2 billion) through the U.K.’s emergency coronavirus loan programme to overcome the crisis.

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Featured photo : © Land Rover

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