Pernod Ricard acquires a majority stake in the non-alcoholic spirits brand Ceder’s

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The famous Pernod Ricard recently announced in a declaration its majority shareholding in the capital of the British non-alcoholic distilled “spirits” brand Ceder’s. 


The initial agreement only provided for the exclusivity of the distributor : in 2018, the French company specialising in wines and spirits became the exclusive distributor of Ceder’s in the United Kingdom. The financial details of this acquisition were not disclosed.


“After the acquisition of the majority of the shares, Ceder’s will be marketed worldwide from Paris and the brand will continue to develop through Pernod Ricard’s extensive global distribution network” explains Pernod Ricard’s head office.


Ceder’s Drinks Limited was founded in 2017 by Craig Hutchinson, of South African origin, and Maria Sehlstrom, of Swedish origin. The couple use 18 aromatic plants from the Cedersberg Mountains, west of Cape Town, a city in South Africa.


These herbs are then sent and distilled separately in Sweden, where they are then blended with a spring water renowned for its purity.


The brand includes a range divided into 3 flavours : Ceder’s Classic, which refers to a classic gin, with hints of juniper and flowers ; Ceder’s Wild, which contains juniper, ginger, clove and rooibos, and Ceder’s crisp, which includes juniper, citrus, cucumber and chamomile.


The brand was first marketed in the UK market with Pernod Ricard, then it reached the French market, mainly Paris. Last year it expanded into the US market and is now available in more than 24 countries.


Pernod Ricard is not the only spirits brand to have entered the non-alcoholic spirits sector. Bacardi recently launched two non-alcoholic aperitifs including its vermouth Martini. Funkin Cocktails acquired 2 years ago a 20% stake in Elegantly Spirited, producer of the zero alcohol Stryyk, for £1 million. Last year Warner’s, Gordon’s and Salcombe Distilling Co. also launched new products in this category.




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