Paris Packaging Week is making its return in january of 2024

Paris Packaging Week is set to return on January 17 and 18, 2024. Luxus + is a partner of the event, which is already shaping up to be a vintage year.


The 2024 edition of Paris Packaging Week will kick off the year in style. Announced for January 17 and 18, this event, aimed at beverage, beauty and luxury brands, offers them the resources they need to shape their packaging.


The Paris Packaging Week showroom will be packed with visitors, who will be able to take advantage of conferences, networking events and galleries dedicated to innovation.


Influencing the future of packaging


It’s a privilege for us to know that the world’s leading packaging suppliers and brands, as well as a host of new participants, have put their trust in us when it comes to organizing the forum that is influencing the future of packaging,” says Josh Brooks, Marketing Director of Paris Packaging Week in a statement.


“Paris Packaging Week occupies a strategic position at the heart of packaging innovation for beauty and luxury products, beverages and aerosols. The 2024 edition will host more exhibitors than ever and will be, more than ever, a must-attend venue for packaging brands, designers and manufacturers looking to stay at the forefront of all trends.”


All kinds of exhibitions

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Featured photo : © Paris Packaging Week

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