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Paris Fashion Week: when Schiaparelli takes out its fangs

Paris Fashion Week: when Schiaparelli takes out its fangs

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The emblematic Couture House Schiaparelli kicked off the Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Week in Paris this morning. Between elegance and animality, this show will surely mark the minds for a while.


For four years now, the young and talented Daniel Roseberry has been at the head of creation for the House of Schiaparelli. Succeeding in the feat of being both innovative, in the air of time and respectful of the heritage of Elsa Schiaparelli, he shapes the collections in his own way, while keeping a touch of the famous designer. A quote of the Dna that can pass through the jewelry, ornaments, dresses destructured or printed. For this fashion show, he has re-elected home to the Petit Palais. Within the walls of the museum, it was not clothes, but works of art that were presented to the public, positioned in an arc so as not to miss anything of the comings and goings of the models.


Daniel Roseberry went to the heart of the essence of Haute Couture, essentially inspired by the work of Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet, writer and thinker. Mixing fabric and jewelry, fluidity and rigidity, Daniel Roseberry masters the codes of Haute Couture more than perfectly.


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For this first reference to the Florentine artist, the artistic director unveiled animal creations as beautiful as realistic. We could see Irina Shake in a lion dress, Naomi Campbell in a she-wolf coat, in fake fur and a last dress as a white tiger. This series of outfits offers a very disturbing reproduction of nature. The models were not the only ones to wear these outfits. Kylie Jenner, on the front row, wore the lion dress as a preview.




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