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OC Fashion Week: “Travel Fashion Week” will take off in July 2023

OC Fashion Week: “Travel Fashion Week” will take off in July 2023

OC Fashion week launches the “Fashion Travel Week Cruise”. It will be presented by the cruise company Celebrity Cruises in July 2023.


OC Fashion week was born in 2010. This innovative concept aimed to support designers who love to travel.


Its newest initiative – the Fashion Travel Week  – aims to bring together fashion designers, suppliers, influencers and e-business players on a cruise in July 2023 to network and showcase the fashion and luxury industry, while visiting destinations such as Paris, Spain and Italy.


Numerous events, such as conferences and high-end activities, are planned during this cruise combining the useful and the pleasant.


Unique in its kind, OC Fashion week was imagined by Kathryn Marino, the president and owner of the group. It was already about accompanying fashion designers and beauty suppliers to destinations such as Hong Kong, Greece, the Virgin Islands and Australia to meet future fashion industry and partners.


In 2017, OC Fashion Week was thus recognized as an international intermediary for fashion industries abroad, giving them access to an address book and exclusive visits from potential partners.


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An official ceremony will be organized for the opening day of the Fashion Travel Week Cruise. Its date has not yet been specified, but the ambition of the event is indeed to fluidify the exchanges in the world of fashion, by sailing towards new horizons.


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