Jewelry: the 6th edition of GemGenève starts today

From May 11 to 14, gemstone and jewelry professionals will exhibit at the GemGenève trade show in Switzerland. In total, more than 190 exhibitors and 20 countries represented will testify to the good health of the sector.


Like luxury goods, the jewelry industry is thriving despite uncertain times. Gem dealers and other professionals in the sector are meeting for the 6th edition of the GemGenève show, from May 11 to 14.


190 exhibitors will occupy the stands at Palexpo, the Geneva Convention and Exhibition Centre. More than 20 countries are represented, with the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany leading the way. Americans account for a quarter of the total while Brazil is making its debut with its first participation.


“We recorded more than 5,200 visits during the previous edition in the fall of 2022, compared to 3,800 in 2021”, said Ronny Totah, co-founder of the event alongside Thomas Faerber, both Geneva-based gem and jewelry dealers.


Asked about the transactions, the organizer confides that “it is always difficult to answer because each branch has its own evolution. The gemology does not fit into a single market. But given the high demand for exhibitor participation, it is undoubtedly commercially interesting.”


Healthy market


Ronny Totah, who attended the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (HKTDC) held for the first time in three years in early March, notes that the global gemstone and jewelry market has returned to the levels recorded before the global pandemic.


“The increased appearance of private buyers is noticeable. However, on the business side, we are seeing a wait-and-see attitude towards higher prices. After the long absence from the Chinese market, a certain amount of adjustment time is necessary.”


For Thomas Faerber, the sector has not experienced a panic effect regarding inflation and the market is in good shape.


“The market is healthy thanks in part to its diversity of diamonds, pearls, antique and contemporary jewelry in circulation. In addition, colored stones are increasingly popular,” he said.



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Featured photo : © Katerina Perez


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The editorial team
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