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NFT, ROBOTS, DRONES : Wine is now a high-tech product

NFT, ROBOTS, DRONES : Wine is now a high-tech product

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In the digital age, it is now the turn of the major wine houses to embrace new technologies.


Towards a modernization of viticulture.


In just a few months of existence, NFTs have already generated a market worth 10 billion dollars. After art and fashion, these digital certificates of unique and non-interchangeable authenticity of an asset, also digital, are now making their appearance in the world of fine wines and spirits.

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As we know, NFTs, which guarantee exclusivity and rarity, are of interest to the luxury sector. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy are already exploring their potential with limited edition pieces, very often created in partnership with artists. All this can be transposed to the world of fine wines, objects of covetousness and collection.



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