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New perspectives for Matchesfashion

New perspectives for Matchesfashion

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The British luxury retailer has been accumulating losses for several years. Nick Beighton, the company’s new CEO, is confident he can turn it around and propel it forward, with ambitious prospects.


Matchesfashion reported a loss of £23.8 million in the year ended January 31. According to the company, the Brexit created additional costs in rights and operations and that the effects of the pandemic were felt throughout the period.

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The former CEO of Asos, who succeeded Paolo De Cesare this summer at the reins of Matchesfashion, is responding to these losses. Among other things, he plans to transform the retailer into a one-stop shop. He wants to target a wider and more diverse range of luxury customers, attract a younger clientele and strengthen the site’s product offering.


With a strong background in management and leadership before landing at Matchesfashion, Nick Beighton ran the e-commerce giant Asos. It’s like having gold in his hands. He helped grow the company from £178 million and 150 people when he started to £3.9 billion and 15,000 people when he left in 2021.


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