Neuraé, the Sisley Group’s new brand, has opened its first boutique

The new brand launched by the Sisley group since its inception is unveiled in its first store. Located in the Parisian district of Marais, the store emphasizes a personalized customer experience.


Neuraé is starting to show all the signs of a major brand. After its launch last April by the Sisley group, this new cosmetic brand is making its first steps into the retail world.


At the heart of the Marais, at 48 rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie, the new Neuraé store has found its home. The 80-square-meter space presents itself as a vibrant hub dedicated to the world of beauty, where customers can discover the brand’s products but also learn more about their skin’s real needs.



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A Healthy Mind for Healthy Skin


Neuraé’s inception follows over 10 years of research conducted in the laboratories of Sisley Paris. Scientists have identified three common psychological states – fatigue, sadness, and stress – and analyzed their impact on skin appearance and needs. Using natural ingredients such as red indigo and scutellaria extract, Neuraé products address emotions and enhance skin beauty.


Today, the brand offers four product ranges – Energy, Serenity, Harmony, and Joy – leveraging insights from neuroscience. Designed as a complete skincare routine, Neuraé provides serums, moisturizers, and roll-ons tailored to individual needs.


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An Immersive Experience

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Featured Image: © Neuraé

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