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Sports and watch brands have always had a strong link. Both parties have understood the importance of marketing and communication for their own benefit.


Leadership, excellence, being the best at everything are their most important values. Values shared by the greatest quarterback in history, the American Tom Brady, who has just come out of his short retirement. The 7-time SuperBowl winner has been an ambassador for one of the market leaders in watches: Tag Heuer, from 2015 to 2019.


According to a Sponsorize study, Rolex and Tag Heuer are among the top four investors in the sports marketing industry, accounting for $180 million and $90 million respectively. These two brands, among others, are involved in sponsoring and patronising sporting events or simply using athletes as ambassadors/influencers.


Rolex is one of the pioneers in this field, as its founder Hans Wilsdorf was one of the first watchmakers to realise the importance of marketing and the consequences it has on its products. It is a kind of “testimony from the world of excellence” to the work of successful marketing campaigns. Rolex has always had a strong attachment to the uniqueness of sport. The brand has developed watches specifically for sailing sports, such as the Oyster, the Explorer, the Cosmograph Daytona, etc.


One of the brand’s objectives is to establish itself in a circle of elite sports, namely : Formula 1, tennis, skiing, sailing and horse riding. The idea is very clear: to associate only with the best or those who are on the way to becoming the best. In fact, since 2013, Rolex has been a global partner and official watch of Formula 1. Both motorsport and the Swiss watchmaker are deeply committed to performance, victory and tradition. The motorsport leader’s website reports of their collaboration that “Formula 1’s enduring spirit and rich heritage, as well as its commitment to bold performance and innovation, align with Rolex’s quest for perpetual excellence.”


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