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Moda Operandi launches into Beauty

Moda Operandi launches into Beauty

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Moda Operandi, the luxury online retailer that works closely with fashion designers, has just launched its beauty category.


Launched two days ago, the new branch of the Moda Operandi company aims to offer a unique selection of the best of Beauty, from established and emerging names from around the world. The offer, which includes products as well as a number of exceptional experiences, has been built in collaboration with 55 brands of skin care, fragrance, makeup, hair care and body care.


In addition to exceptional products, the platform also offers consumers beauty videos, tutorials and a multitude of beauty looks.


There are so many beautiful products in the world, and as a former magazine editor, I’ve seen, tried and written about thousands of them. But now, as Moda’s director of beauty, I have the privilege of selecting only the best,” says Jessica Matlin, who took the reins of the company in May 2022.


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According to her, Moda offers “the best.” That’s why the company is very selective, offering consumers an inspiring mix of products. Customers will have the chance to find must-haves from top beauty brands: “every product you see is deliberately chosen because it’s the best in its category or has something unique and inspiring to offer.”


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Featured photo : © Moda operandi

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