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Michelin Guide 2023 : great chefs lose a star

Michelin Guide 2023 : great chefs lose a star

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One week before the announcement of the 2023 list of restaurants, the Michelin Guide revealed on Monday, January 27, that five renowned French restaurants had lost a star. The announcement of this demotion caused much sadness among the chefs, who nevertheless declared that they would not give up. The head of the Guide Rouge met with some of them to explain the decision.


The Michelin Guide 2023 star ceremony is fast approaching. On Monday, March 6, Michelin inspectors will honor the industry’s top professionals with their stars and special awards.


But while waiting for the winners to be announced, the Michelin Guide has demoted five restaurants, and not the least. Chefs Guy Savoy and Christopher Coutanceau from Rochelle, who had three stars, lost one. Three other chefs who were double starred have only one star left : Jean-Luc Tartarin in Le Havre, La Table de l’Alpaga in Megève and Michel Sarran in Toulouse.


The Michelin Guide’s decision has caused “a lot of disappointment”, reports chef Michel Sarran, interviewed by BFMTV this morning. “This is the first year they have issued a press release announcing the losses. It’s like pointing the finger at those who fall, and that’s very hard to accept”, he denounced. The chef from Toulouse, who was awarded a first star in 1996 and a second in 2003, intends to bounce back. “I’ve never worked for the Guide, I work for the customers, they are the ones who make my living.”

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