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Miami airport will soon welcome a new luxury terminal

Miami airport will soon welcome a new luxury terminal

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Miami Airport is about to introduce an exclusive and luxurious new terminal, called PS MIA. Located in the former Pan American Airways headquarters, it will open in 2025.


Miami Airport, known as the premier air gateway between the United States and Latin America, sees thousands of travelers from around the world every day. To provide a luxurious and secure space for the most affluent globetrotters, it partners with the Private Suite (PV). This company specializes in providing a safe, exclusive and upscale travel experience. After Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas, PS will establish its fourth location in the iconic former Pan-Am (Pan American Airways) headquarters in Miami.


The luxury service company will offer a unique pre- and post-flight experience for passengers traveling on commercial flights. The facility will include private suites and a signature lounge, simply called The Lounge. The premise is simple: offer a comforting and prestigious, almost warm welcome to travelers, as if they had never left home.


For those who wish to be out of sight, the private suites will be equipped with balconies, beautifully decorated with greenery. Passengers will be able to enjoy cocktails, snacks or chef-prepared meals at any time of the day. The best part? These culinary experiences will cater to their tastes, and even the most discerning palates.



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