Mercedes-Benz sales down 6% in first quarter

Mercedes-Benz reported a 6% drop in sales in the first quarter, attributed to supply problems and transitions in its model range. Sales of electric vehicles also fell, but the company remains determined to maintain its market position.


Slowdown in 2024 for the brand with the three-pointed star. In a report published on Wednesday, April 10, renowned German carmaker Mercedes-Benz announced a 6% drop in first-quarter sales.


This significant decline was attributed to several factors, including supply problems from Asia and a transition in its luxury model range.


Mercedes-Benz sales fell to 568,400 cars and vans in the first three months of the year.


The decline in sales was unevenly distributed across the world. Europe recorded a 2% decline, while Asia saw a more pronounced 15% drop in sales. Despite a more modest decline of 1%, North America is also experiencing a slowdown.


Electric vehicles on the decline


In addition to the general decline in sales, Mercedes-Benz also faced a notable 9% drop in sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), totaling 50,500 vehicles sold in the first quarter.


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Featured photo : © Mercedes-Benz

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