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Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino invites itself to the land of the gods

Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino invites itself to the land of the gods

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If the Greek gods made Olympus their paradise, tourists will soon be able to find theirs on the southwest coast of the Peloponnese. This summer, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will open its first hotel in Greece in the idyllic region of Messinia, at Costa Navarino. The program: incomparable surroundings, services and very high-quality activities to be experienced in harmony with exceptional Mediterranean nature.


Like the Hellenic temples, always placed in the best location, the future Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, will be nestled in a choice setting within a hilly seaside landscape, “overlooking one of the most preserved natural areas of the Mediterranean basin”. Contemplative guests will enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside or the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea and its sunsets.


2022 © Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited


With their private pools and spacious terraces, the 99 bright suites and semi-buried villas will combine unobtrusive luxury with traditional Messinian style.


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Undoubtedly, we will be good in Greece: interior design inspired by 19th-century Hellenic architecture and nearby historical sites, carved wooden motifs and elements, textiles and carpets echoing traditional Greek clothing. Respect for heritage that does not prevent the integration of advanced technologies…


The chosen color scheme will highlight the exceptional nature – terracotta tones with a few touches of color – and the work done on the local vegetation. As shown by planting more than 4,000 olive trees on the property and its surroundings, in addition to 500,000 endemic shrubs!


2022 © Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited



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