Make up in New York gets a makeover

The Make up in New York show is coming back for a new edition on September 14 and 15.


The timing is perfect as consumers return to stores and the Internet, determined to fill the void in their bathrooms…


With forecasts for skin care and makeup products on the rise, the North American beauty market is thriving. It is one of the fastest growing consumer markets.


Make up in New York brings together beauty professionals and provides them with the tools they need to create the products of tomorrow. Located in the United States, the country of all excesses, the event will welcome its visitors with great pomp. They will be welcomed by Morgan Claycomb, Miss Teen Universe USA, as well as by a famous American drag artist and political figure, Martin G Cummings.


A subtle mix of conviviality, exuberance and business that creates THE secret formula of MakeUp in NewYork, not found anywhere else.


Towards an ethics of cosmetics




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Featured photo : © Make Up In

The editorial team
The editorial team
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