Maison Margiela renews its management team

Maison Margiela, the haute couture house that is part of the OTB Group portfolio, has announced the appointment of Stefano Rosso and Gaetano Sciuto to its presidency and general management. With a new vision, their role will be to “stimulate the brand’s potential”.


New faces at the helm of Maison Margiela. On Monday June 5, the fashion house, a member of the Italian OTB Group, announced the appointments of Stefano Rosso and Gaetano Sciuto, respectively as Brand President and Managing Director.


Previously, Stefano Rosso held a position on the OTB Board of Directors. He was also Managing Director of Brave Virtual Xperience (BVX), a Web3 and metaverse division within the Group. He succeeds his father, OTB CEO Renzo Rosso, who has chaired Maison Margiela since it was acquired by the Group in 2022.


Gaetano Sciuto takes over from Gianfranco Giannangeli. Giannangeli resigned last May, “by mutual agreement”, according to a press release. In view of his more than thirty years’ experience, the French haute couture house felt he was an ideal candidate for the position. Gaetano Sciuto spent over 10 years at Fendi, where he held the positions of CEO of the Americas and Director of Global Licensing and Accessories. Most recently, he held the position of CEO of Giorgio Armani Americas since 2019. He will assume his new role on July 7.


Boosting the brand’s potential



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