Maison Margiela extends its Replica fragrance collection with vegetable garden notes

Maison Margiela has just revealed its new Replica fragrance “From The Garden”. This fragrance, which evokes “the calm of a garden caressed by the sun”, reinforces the range of olfactory souvenirs launched in 2009.

“Fragrances that recreate your memories”: that’s how Margiela defines its Replica fragrance collection. The Parisian Haute Couture house, founded in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, is currently launching its 17th fragrance.

This latest incarnation of these “reproductions of scents and moments from different places and times” welcomes the fragrance “From The Garden”, evoking some of the pickings from Italian orchards in the Puglia region.

The latest of the Maison’s olfactory creations, “From The Garden” is the work of Firmenich’s emblematic nose Olivier Cresp.

A little corner of greenery

What if true luxury was space, and in particular the ability to garden? It’s a hobby that many people first discovered during the confines of their homes, and which has since become one of their top aspirations. In 2022, gardening was one of the most popular stress-relieving activities, as demonstrated by the fact that 75% of the 3,500 people surveyed said they felt more serene thanks to gardening.

This need is all the greater given that, since 2008, half the world’s population has been living in cities. By 2023, this figure had risen to 56%, or 4.4 billion inhabitants, according to the World Bank. By 2050, this figure is set to rise to three quarters of the planet’s inhabitants. In this context, owning a bungalow is more than ever seen as an ideal way of life, all the more desirable as it becomes increasingly inaccessible with economic inflation. The dream of a home where you can grow and eat your own fruit and vegetables.

Margiela Replica Collection “From The Garden” ©  Parfums Maisons Margiela / L’Oréal

Replica perfume “From The Garden” makes this dream come true. It recalls a joyous moment of gardening under the sun, hands in the soil, harvesting tomatoes lulled by the buzz of bees and the scent of tomato leaves. Tomato leaf and green mandarin are revealed in the top note, before giving way to a heart of geranium in the middle note, followed by patchouli in the base note. Green, bewitching notes bring earthy, moist accords to this scent. This “new herbaceous and woody addiction” was created by master perfumer Olivier Cresp in memory of afternoons spent at his father’s side.

A lifestyle turned into a fragrance

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Featured Photo:  Maison Margiela Replica Collection “From The Garden” © Parfums Maison Margiela/ L’Oréal

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