Maison Ladurée: a second bounce-back collaboration with Roland-Garros

Since its creation in 1862, Ladurée, the most famous of all pastry houses, has never ceased to reinvent itself. Haute couture, tennis, châteaux and horse-riding are just some of the names and collaborations that have strengthened Ladurée’s position as world leader in sweet delicacies. This year, for the second time, the House is associated with Roland-Garros, with a box full of delicacies and sugar (but not too much).


Maison Ladurée has been known the world over for decades. Renowned as the brand that invented the Parisian tea room, it continues to evolve and renew itself through its collaborations. Since 2021, Julien Alvarez, the 2011 World Pastry Champion, has been Ladurée’s international head of pastry creation.


Mélanie Carron, General Manager of Ladurée, told BFM TV: “Having a chef who brings a breath of modernity and who understands the codes and heritage of the House of Ladurée is a big plus”.


Roland Garros and Ladurée: a story on the move


Last year, Roland-Garros teamed up with Ladurée for the first time. Together, they created a box of macaroons in the colors of the tournament’s iconic clay court.


Whether a souvenir or a simple indulgence, the box is decorated with a tennis court, in green and terra cotta colors reminiscent of the famous Parisian court. Filled with 8 macaroons in different flavors, flocked SSS with the Roland-Garros logo, it didn’t go unnoticed at the tournament, at the risk of stealing the limelight from the athletes. Proud of its success, this collaboration returns for a second consecutive year in 2023.


The House of Ladurée has designed a box, very similar to the previous one, which will once again mark this famous tennis tournament, so dear to the sporting world and to clay enthusiasts. Its spherical shape and the color of the macaroons are reminiscent of the famous fluorescent yellow ball.



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Featured photo : © Roland-Garros


Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere
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