Made In France : Atelier Verde, the ecological luxury bags…with inner tubes for tractors !

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This ecological innovation was born from the spirit of two young Mayennais in search of sustainability, Pauline Côme and Clément Leboullenger. Their new responsible leather goods brand, Atelier Verde, was launched two weeks ago, with a star product: the luxury tractor inner tube bag.


This new brand of local and responsible leather goods was born two weeks ago from the alliance of two young Mayennais from La Chapelle Rainsouin, between Laval and Evron, Pauline Côme and Clément Leboullenger.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]The national confinement imposed in March had a decisive impact on the creation of the Atelier Verde brand. During the confinement, Pauline Côme, the group’s stylist, stopped working. She now has free time, and decides to devote herself to a project she has been dreaming of for 4 years, launching her own brand of leather goods. She then starts to imagine the prototype of the “Paulette” handbag, her own nickname.


It allowed me to go all the way with this project […] since it’s a bit like revealing a part of myself I didn’t want to do it before and then I told myself that it was time!”


For this farmer’s daughter, it also represents a way to enhance the value of this sector. “Today, agriculture is sometimes devalued and we all realized with containment that it was essential and that we had to go back to essential things. So it all came together at that point,” says Pauline.


Pauline Côme also explains to us why she chose to work with this material, the inner tube of a tractor: “I found the material in the family farm and then during my training in Applied Arts we were asked to find a material and make something completely different, so I knitted it. It’s been about 5 years, so I engraved it with a laser and then with different collaborations I made real products with leather goods [craftsmen]“.


Bicycle inner tubes have been used for a long time in bag making and leather goods. But the particularity of the inner tube of a tractor is its surface, which is larger and therefore more malleable. And for Pauline Côme, this material is full of resources: “Smaller surfaces mean more stitching and assembly, etc. And this material is very malleable, you can really make a lot of objects with it, knitting for example.”


These inner tubes, Pauline thus recovers them for free from the farmers in her region, she washes them, before sending them to a leather workshop near Nantes. Atelier Verde, a new innovative and sustainable brand to watch closely!


If you wish to buy the “Paulette handbags” in tractor inner tubes go to the Atelier Verde website. And to support the brand, go to the online participative financing platform, “Ulule”.




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