[Luxus Magazine] The praise of discreet refinement or the eternal return of Quiet Luxury

Is this a new strangeness or a trend for uncertain times? Quiet Luxury” reconfigures the established codes of the luxury world with a discreet elegance, far removed from the ostentation of wealth through large logos. As we explore this trend, let’s delve into the very essence of the “Quiet Luxury” that has received so much media coverage in recent months, and discover how it is redefining the very notion of contemporary luxury.


Farewell to the word (Logos), make way for ASMR-style whispers in fashion. Within the lavish world of luxury, a silent revolution is underway. “Quiet Luxury” has emerged this year as a breath of fresh air in an industry traditionally associated with opulence and extravagance. Behind this trend lies a subtle philosophy that favors understated elegance, timeless high quality and durability.


The Quiet Luxury concept emerged in response to a society in crisis (political, social, economic, relational…), where the search for the right balance between extravagance and modesty has intensified. Last April, this movement was catalyzed by iconic personalities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, who adopted a minimalist, refined style of dress. At her trial following a skiing accident in 2016, the American actress caused a sensation with her ultra-sober, elegant looks.



This trend has also gained in popularity thanks to hit TV series such as HBO’s “Succession”, which has exposed the elegant yet discreet aesthetic of an elite in the richest 0.1%: the Roy family owns a superyacht, the Solandge, as well as a media empire and residences in the world’s most glamorous spots.



Minimalist luxury


Quiet Luxury is defined by the quality of the fabric, rather than just a garish logo. Clothes and accessories associated with this trend often feature clean lines, sumptuous materials and careful attention to finish. With him, minimalism is not synonymous with austerity; rather, it’s about creating a subtle, timeless and harmonious visual impact.



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