[Luxus+ Magazine] The great epic of luxury (episode 4) : the modern era

The modern era (from 1492 to 1789) is a great period of evolution in history, and particularly in luxury. With the discovery of new lands, the sophistication of techniques and the development of commercial relations, the luxury market probably experienced a golden age. Discover in this new episode the actors and the powers at stake, as well as the coveted goods of the modern era.


Did you know that the modern period is surely the most prolific in our history? During this period, luxury goods underwent a real expansion, marked by strong economic growth and major technological and artistic advances. This period is indeed characterized by the emergence of a class of rich merchants and kings who compete in the acquisition and display of luxury goods.


Often used to impress and intimidate others, luxury in the broadest sense of the term was the subject of a veritable “arms race”, where each generation sought to outdo the previous one.


The emergence of empires and dynasties


The Ottoman Empire took an undeniable place in the trade of luxury goods, notably because of its strategic geographical position between the East and the West. It developed a flourishing textile industry, with high quality silk and cotton fabrics exported throughout Europe. On the old continent, the Medici established themselves as a great political power. A powerful 16th century family that ruled the city of Florence for many years, the Medici financed renowned artists and craftsmen such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The family’s great wealth allowed them to invest in the textile industry, producing luxurious silk and brocade fabrics that were popular in Europe.




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