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[Luxus+ MAGAZINE] L’Oréal X Elie Saab : The « Haute Couture » Beauty

[Luxus+ MAGAZINE] L’Oréal X Elie Saab : The « Haute Couture » Beauty

The famous cosmetics brand L’Oréal Paris and the prestigious fashion designer Elie Saab have decided to join forces for an exclusive collection, combining beauty and Haute Couture. An eventful collaboration mixing styles.


Born in Lebanon, Elie Saab became fascinated with the world of fashion at a very young age. He taught himself to sew, his sisters became his models and his mother’s wardrobe his inspiration. He wants his creations to be magical, made of lace and embroidery, with a “princess” look. Today, he is a “corresponding member” of the Chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture and has the protected designation of Haute Couture.


He lives to sublimate all women, to give them self-confidence, to make them strong beings, through his creations. “I seek beauty above all, before fashion, before trends. The woman is the first of my inspirations”, declared the designer.


It is this leitmotif that he seeks to convey in this collection signed L’Oréal X Elie Saab. “Through this collection, I offer them products that they can use every day to feel more confident and elegant,” said Elie Saab.

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Having already collaborated with Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, Isabel Marant and Karl Lagerfeld, it is now Elie Saab’s turn to make his entry into L’Oréal Paris. In addition, the brand has been teaming up with big names in the fashion industry for a few years now to sign exclusive make-up collaborations.


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Featured Photo : © L’Oréal Paris

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