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Luxury: Bluebell unveils Asian consumer shopping trends in 2022

Luxury: Bluebell unveils Asian consumer shopping trends in 2022

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Bluebell Group, Asia’s leading retailer and brand operator, recently released the second volume of its study on Asian high-end and luxury consumer habits.


The study revealed its findings from a survey of 2,100 consumers in mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia). In particular, the survey was able to identify the main purchasing trends of Asian consumers and the way they inform themselves before buying luxury products.


These purchases were targeted in particular on the high-end and luxury segments of fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty, perfumes, make-up as well as jewelry and watches.

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What are the trends in luxury purchases?


First of all, the study highlighted that the Chinese are the ones who are showing more and more interest in niche brands that less people know about, but which focus on high quality and offer a wide range of different styles. Their interest in these brands has increased by 34% compared to last year. Next are the Taiwanese, tied with the Japanese, both up 31%.



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