Louis XIII launches its first fashion capsule collection with designer LaQuan Smith

Louis XIII, the prestige cognac brand of the Rémy Cointreau group, has just launched its first fashion capsule collection. Entitled The Drop, the launch, just in time for Valentine’s Day, features a sexy double interpretation of its eponymous mini flask of eau-de-vie.


The Drop is the very first collaboration between luxury cognac Louis XIII and a fashion designer, in this case New Yorker LaQuan Smith. This devilishly sexy capsule collection features a jewel and a fashion accessory, in this case a pair of gloves, with a shared sensuality.


This unprecedented encounter is not just about shared values, as the two brands have in common a young, night-owl, hedonistic target audience.


A sexy synergy


The Louis XIII The Drop capsule is made up of long Ritual Boudoir gloves, in continuity with the gloved tasting set and perfect for bouncing off the #operaglove trend that’s been raging for two years now and was notably embraced by singer Taylor Swift at the last Grammy Awards ceremony. The model in question is made from sustainably-sourced silk with velvet details. It’s a fitting tribute to the knitted jumpsuit, a staple of designer LaQuan Smith’s wardrobe.


Also featured is a chain, The Drop Metalmorphosis. Made of genuine silver, it can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or belt, with a Louis XIII cognac mignonette like a semi-precious stone.

In the eyes of American designer LaQuan Smith, “this chain pouch is simply brilliant, interchangeable and universal.” The idea from the outset, he concedes, was to make it the equal of a piece of jewelry both special and unique. He adds, “I wanted to make it a conversational piece. It’s a concept that’s as simplistic as it is sexy and timeless.”


Each of these fashion accessories has been conceived as a manifesto for contemporary night owls, to be worn both on a simple city jaunt and at a red carpet event to shine brightly. For LaQuan Smith, there’s no doubt that the two actors share the same artisanal and organic values, which he sums up as “a kind of evolution of the Journey [of the Hero (cf Joseph Campbell’s seminal work on storytelling)] namely the quest of the quest to find wealth and abundance.”

An essential part of the fashion and Louis XIII heritage

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Featured Photo:  © Louis XIII x LaQuan Smith

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