Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Gucci… when luxury meets gaming

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Containment has exacerbated many trends, including the interest of luxury brands in video games. Although the phenomenon dates back twenty years or so, it has taken on dazzling proportions in this context where the virtual has had to replace the real. A privileged communication vector for luxury brands. It is also an opportunity to reach a young public and increase the desirability of the brand.


Louis Vuitton x League of Legends an unexpected collaboration


At the end of 2019, the famous company was already betting heavily on a collaboration with Riot Games and especially on the video game League of Legends. As a result of this alliance, a capsule collection was created, offering the trunk-maker’s customers the opportunity to dress like the heroine of their favourite game. Around forty pieces ranging from virtual worlds to haute couture were presented for this purpose.


© Louis Vuitton x League of Legends


Animal Crossing, the new playground for luxury brands


If the year 2020 has put the fashion world to the test, it also marks the triumphant return, after a seven-year absence, of the famous video game Animal Crossing. This new feature : New Horizons, released for the Nintendo Switch system on March 20th, 2020, whose title could not have been more appropriate, marks an unusual and skilful revival of the relationship with fashion.

While containment by definition restricted the course of life, the launch of this life simulation game was a welcome relief for the confined of the world. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold millions of copies and has become a huge hit. Early gamers mingle with new users who have embraced the engaging and fun-filled universe that the game has become a symbol of pop culture.


Animal Crossing is a game of power customization, with most elements being modifiable by the player. But it’s also a game of caring, from its soft sounds to its characters who are always ready to help each other, it’s with peace of mind that the players evolve. Here, there’s no end in sight except the management of one’s daily life: cultivating relationships with the villagers, paying rent, decorating your house or catching butterflies.


© @animalcrossingfashionarchive / Instagram


However, what inspires the success of Animal Crossing is the opportunity that players have found to transform their virtual avatars into true muses of the greatest Houses. A haven of peace and creativity, which gave life to a swarm of little virtual hands. A genuine network of fashion enthusiasts has been set up to create and share fashionable pieces at top speed, signed by the greatest designers: Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Jacquemus.


The birth of new influencers

The fervour of the players has traced a furrow in which the fashion industry rushes to poetize its collections. Valentino is the first to replace the reproductions made by players with real virtual clothes in partnership with Animal Crossing Fashion Archive. Then Marc Jacobs succeeds Valentino with the creation of a small collection specifically adapted for Animal Crossing. The designer has selected six pieces from his life-size collection, and has officially adapted them to the silhouettes of the virtual avatars. These pieces are available free of charge to players with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


More than just an opportunity for brands to put their logo on the game, this viral phenomenon also offers the luxury goods industry an opportunity to generate a new type of playful content. Designers Valentino and Marc Jacobs have taken advantage of this by inviting players to find specific codes on the front page of their Instagram accounts that allow them to access items from these collections. The brands thus broadcast visuals from the video game on their social networks in order to sublimate their pieces. These pieces are now displayed by our virtual avatars, making them a new generation of influencers.


Launch of a Gucci X Tennis Clash collaboration scheduled for June 18th

Gucci has partnered with developer Wildlife for partnership with Tennis Clash. This collaboration allows players of the mobile tennis game to discover exclusive outfits designed by the Italian fashion house. In addition, users will be able to purchase clothing to match their Tennis Clash character on Gucci’s website.


The Gucci x Tennis Clash collaboration’s clothing, hairstyles and accessories further strengthen Gucci’s presence in sporting luxury.


© Gucci X Tennis Clash



Featured photo : © Marc Jacobs / Instagram



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