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Louis Vuitton launches new wireless headphones

Louis Vuitton launches new wireless headphones

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The brand is strengthening its exceptional audio offering with third-generation wireless headphones developed in partnership with Master & Dynamic, a New York-based manufacturer of high-end audio equipment.


Already in 2019 and 2020, Louis Vuitton, Lvmh’s flagship brand, was “listening to the market” with an original diversification: the launch of its first wireless headphones, thanks to its partnership with Master & Dynamic, a New York manufacturer of high-end audio equipment.


Today, the first international luxury brand offers its third-generation wireless headphones, called Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up. A model in line with the spirit of the House, which makes no concession between design aesthetics and sound quality.

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This high-quality, compact design object will likely delight the most demanding music lovers and fashion enthusiasts.


Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up incorporates the codes of the luxury trunk maker, such as its monogram motif, which is very distinctive while referring to the world of travel. All these elements are perfectly in tune with the uses and desires for personalization that drive today’s young urban nomads.


This foray into sound was first born out of a Louis Vuitton tie-up forged in 2019 with Master & Dynamic. Founded in 2014, Master & Dynamic specializes in designing headphones with crystal clear sound and noble materials (like Alcantara leather).



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Featured photo : © Louis Vuitton

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