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Louis Vuitton bets on eco-design for its new pair of sneakers

Louis Vuitton bets on eco-design for its new pair of sneakers

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Louis Vuitton is getting into the sustainable fashion game with its new pair of sneakers, made with 90% recycled materials.


Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has embraced sustainable fashion for the first time, after years of lobbying from activists, this coupled with advances from competing luxury brands in the field. The brand announced that its new Charlie sneakers are made from corn and composed of 90 percent recycled and biobased materials. One of these materials is called Biolpolioli, which is a corn-based plastic that is making its market debut for Louis Vuitton shoes.


In addition to Biopolioli, Louis Vuitton also created the tongue made of Econyl, a renewable nylon fabric. The unisex shoe is also packaged in recycled cardboard. Last year, the brand conducted a life cycle analysis of its products to determine the best method to improve their sustainability. This gives us the Charlie sneaker, available on their e-shop since November 12.



In 2020, already 33% of our product categories have undergone a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA),” the brand’s website reads. “Since 2019, the volumes of recycled materials have been increasing in our collections, such as LV Felt (2021), composed of recycled wool, polyester and plastic, but also Charlie, the first unisex sneaker signed by Louis Vuitton, composed of 90% recycled and biosourced materials.” The pair of Charlie sneakers is priced at 790 euros and the high-top pair is priced at 820 euros.


This new pair of Charlie sneakers is a sign that Louis Vuitton is taking a keen interest in the sustainability and eco-design of their products, as well as the reuse of materials. One of their commitments for 2025 ? To place themselves in an eco-design approach for 100% of their products, an ambitious approach that we can’t wait to see in stores.


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Featured Photo : © Louis Vuitton

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