L’Oréal revolutionizes product labeling with QR codes

L’Oréal, the French cosmetics giant, announced on Wednesday June 26 an ambitious plan to integrate QR codes on all its products, replacing the famous barcodes. This technological shift promises many innovations for both consumers and the company itself.


After 50 years of loyal service, the barcode is about to give way to the QR code, a more modern and versatile tool. On Wednesday, cosmetics giant L’Oréal announced its “QR code” action plan, to massively integrate QR codes into its products.


We already have 1.5 billion products from 41 brands equipped with QR codes, and we’re committed to meeting the challenge of integrating them into all our products,” explains Stéphane Lannuzel, director of the Beauty Tech program at L’Oréal, to Les Echos.


The aim is to double this number by the end of 2025, to 3 billion products. By the end of 2026, almost all products, with the exception of a few too-small items like makeup pencils, will feature QR codes.


QR codes can hold and display over 4,000 characters, compared with just 20 for a traditional barcode. This increased capacity offers several practical advantages.


Obvious applications include integrating product benefits and ingredient lists, as well as interactive information for product use,” explains Stéphane Lannuzel.


QR codes can also include explanatory videos, tutorials and information on environmental impact, responding to customers’ growing expectations for more responsible consumption.


Security and traceability


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Featured photo : © L’Oréal

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