L’Oréal continues its acquisitions and innovations for a sustainable cosmetic future

L’Oréal, global leader in cosmetics, persists in its pursuit of a sustainable cosmetic future through acquisitions such as Gjosa and Lactobio, as well as notable innovations like the AirLight Pro hair dryer. Despite regulatory concerns in China, the beauty giant remains committed to this key market, emphasizing the significance of Franco-Chinese collaboration.


L’Oréal continues to expand its footprint in the beauty industry with strategic acquisitions and sustainability-focused innovations. The global cosmetics giant recently signed an acquisition agreement for the entirety of Gjosa, a Swiss company specializing in water micronization.


L’Oréal had already made a preliminary minority investment in Gjosa in 2021 through its venture capital fund, BOLD (Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development). The acquisition is subject to the usual prerequisites and is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. This operation reinforces the company’s commitment to its “L’Oréal for the Future” program.


“The objective of this acquisition is to innovate and broaden the multiple beauty applications of Gjosa’s technology, all while protecting the precious and coveted resource that is water,” explains the global cosmetics group.


L’Oréal, established in 1909 with a global presence boasting 35 worldwide brands, also made an acquisition last December of Lactobio, a Danish company specializing in research on probiotics and the microbiome. This move aligns with L’Oréal’s two-decade-long advanced research on the microbiome, further strengthening its leadership in the field.


“The integration of Lactobio into our advanced research is highly complementary: L’Oréal’s solid scientific knowledge and advanced technological capabilities, combined with Lactobio’s best formulations using living organisms, will significantly enhance and expedite our microbiome research dedicated to beauty,” commented Anne Colonna, L’Oréal’s Global Head of Advanced Research.


“Innovation and Sustainability”


In an interview with Bloomberg on January 9th, Nicolas Hieronimus outlined his vision for the beauty products of the future, emphasizing a focus on “innovation and sustainability.” He also highlighted the contribution of artificial intelligence in optimizing advertisements and product recommendations.


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Featured photo : © L’Oréal

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