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London Fashion Week: tribute to V. Westwood and new face for Burberry

London Fashion Week: tribute to V. Westwood and new face for Burberry

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Today marks the start of London Fashion Week, which will pay tribute to the iconic Vivienne Westwood. The public will also be able to admire the debut of Daniel Lee, the new creative director at Burberry.


This London fashion week, often very different from others, will be this season even more special. Designers will pay tribute to one of the papesses of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood, who passed away last December.


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Her work not only changed the fashion industry, giving birth to punk by defining it, but it was also responsible for positive changes on a global scale,” said the British Council in a statement.


This year, London Week will be structured around 47 fashion shows as well as other hybrid and digital events. Another novelty, it will host the Ukrainian fashion week, unable to be held in his country because of the ongoing conflict.


Daniel Lee, new face of Burberry


Before making his debut at Burberry, the young English designer Daniel Lee, a graduate of the world-renowned Central Saint Martins school, has already proven himself in the fashion world.



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