Burberry reinvents its communication

Two weeks before the first show of its new artistic director during London Fashion Week, Burberry marks the new Daniel Lee era with a new logo, a blank page on Instagram and a new campaign.


To mark the evolution of a House while continuing to cultivate its DNA. Surprising its customers while reassuring them… This is the perilous exercise faced by luxury brands that change their creative heads. And even more so when the brand in question is looking for a new lease of life.


Everyone is wondering how Sabato de Sarno, the new artistic director of Gucci, Kering’s star subsidiary in decline, will take up the challenge.


But in the meantime, it is Burberry which is carrying out an aggiornamento of its communication in the wake of the appointment of its new creative director, the British Daniel Lee. He replaced Riccardo Tisci last October. A month later, when it published its first half-yearly results at the end of September, the House had certainly indicated that it had returned to its pre-covid level.


Daniel Lee inducted


But there was no question of letting the dust settle. A whole series of striking actions therefore accompanied the induction of Daniel Lee on the catwalks.


Last week, Burberry wiped the slate clean on Instagram, deleting all posts from the Tisci era.



Voir cette publication sur Instagram


Une publication partagée par Burberry (@burberry)


Yesterday, it saddled up its new logo, which is nothing more than a reinterpretation of the original from 1901. Gone is the parenthesis of the founder’s monogram “TB” for Thomas Burberry, which was rolled out in 2018. The House returns to its roots, namely its iconic 1901 “Equestrian Knight Design” drawn in blue. The Latin motto “Prorsum” (“en avant” in French) also made a comeback. But to clearly show that while it perpetuates its heritage, Burberry is also moving with the times, the typography has been modernised… Even if it is inspired by the House’s 1990s archives! A clever back and forth on the time scale that luxury is supposed to escape.


Another key element of this sort of pre-show teasing: the launch, particularly on Instagram, of the first campaign imagined by Daniel Lee for Burberry.


Shot by photographer Tyrone Lebon in front of London’s great monuments, his visuals are an unambiguous tribute to the House’s British identity. With a clever mix of past (the capital’s architectural heritage), present and future, it also features young talents from across the Channel, such as actress Vanessa Redgrave, footballer Raheem Sterling, singer Shygirl, musicians Skepta and John Glacier and models Lennon Gallagher (Liam Gallagher’s son) and Liberty Ross…


“Burberry flies the flag for Britishness, the UK and culture. So we have to use our platforms because we have a responsibility to communicate those things {…} I don’t know if this is the right way to say it, but more than surprising people, I’d really like them to see the new vision and feel reassured,” Daniel Lee told Vogue Runway last December.




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Featured photo : © Burberry


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