Le Printemps: gastronomy a priority in its New York expansion project

While the Printemps Group is working on the opening of a store in New York, postponed to early 2025, it has announced the appointment of chef Gregory Gourdet as Culinary Director.


Despite a delayed opening date, the New York Printemps is not giving up on making a grand entrance. The Parisian department store preparing for the inauguration of its American branch has notably announced the appointment of Gregory Gourdet as Culinary Director.


This native of Queens, New York, trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America before securing an internship with the renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. During seven years at his side, the American honed his technique and expertise in the culinary arts. The chef then opened his first restaurant, named Kann, in August 2022. Located in Portland, the establishment celebrates Gregory Gourdet’s Haitian heritage and the flavors he cherishes. A winning formula: Kann and its chef received the prestigious James Beard Award 2023 for “Best New Restaurant.”


His position at the helm of Printemps New York’s kitchens should allow him to explore all his creativity. The 48-year-old chef will oversee five culinary concepts ranging from fine dining to casual cafes, in partnership with Saga Hospitality Group. “As a native New Yorker, it’s a return to my roots, and I’m thrilled to cook in New York again, the city I still proudly call home,” said Gregory Gourdet.




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