Lamborghini: a switch to hybrid and electric engines planned for 2024

The Italian luxury carmaker Lamborghini has announced that all models in the company’s range will become hybrids from 2024, with the aim of launching the first 100% electric Lamborghini in 2025. The company plans to invest €1.5 billion to decarbonise its range and factory.


If Lamborghini had remained faithful to cars with combustion engines, with the exception of the Sian model, a hybrid limited series, it would seem that the trend is changing. Like Aston Martin or Jaguar, it is now the Italian manufacturer that is changing course towards electrification, due – in part – to environmental regulations and the Euro 7 standards.


“Lamborghini’s electrification plan is a change of course made necessary by a context that has radically evolved, to which we want to contribute by continuing to reduce the impact on the environment through concrete projects”, says the brand’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann.


A fully electrified range from 2024


Before unveiling the first electric Lamborghini, the manufacturer would like to launch its first hybrid car in 2023 before extending hybridisation to its entire range by the end of 2024. We can therefore expect the famous Urus, Aventador and Huracan models to be replaced by hybrid or electric versions; built in carbon fibre and also featuring new technologies currently under development.


The future electric model in the making


2025 will mark the beginning of a new chapter as Lamborghini unveils its first 100% electric car. No details have been revealed about this future electric Lamborghini, but the teaser image of a draped car hints at some of its features, similar to the aesthetics of the Urus model. What is certain, however, is that this will be the fourth model in the brand’s regular line-up, which currently has only three.


See you in 2025 to admire this future 100% electric Lamborghini!




Featured photo : © Lamborghini


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