Kering launches a new podcast dedicated to fashion and the environment

A few days after the publication of its 2020-2023 progress report on its sustainability goals, French luxury group Kering announced the launch of its new podcast.


Certainly content that will appeal to sustainable fashion enthusiasts. Kering, the French luxury group owned by François-Henri Pinault, announced yesterday the launch of its new podcast, “Fashion Our Future”, in collaboration with Marie Claire magazine. Divided into several episodes, it explores the links between fashion and the environment.


The objective? To highlight existing initiatives and innovations to meet the challenges of sustainable development and the circular economy. This new podcast also reveals the areas where efforts are still needed.


“Fashion Our Future takes listeners behind the scenes of the industry alongside influential figures from the fashion and environmental communities”, the group said in a statement.


In this five-part series, creative, passionate and committed experts will discuss and demystify the sustainable practices and revolutionary solutions that are influencing and transforming the fashion and luxury sector.


Experts’ interventions



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The editorial team
The editorial team
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