Jacob & Co launches its Astronomia Regulator watch

Jacob & Co, the watchmaker-jeweler, unveils a prestigious new timepiece that reconnects with horological tradition.


The Swiss Maison Jacob & Co once again redefines the codes of watchmaking with the launch of the Astronomia Regulator, a timepiece of exceptional mechanical prowess.


A true jewel of precision, the watch captivates with its boldly creative design. Its 43mm rose gold case reveals a spectacular dial. The impressive three-dimensional carousel movement consists of a flying tourbillon, which rotates on two axes. Another particularity, Jacob & Co pays homage to the tradition of regulators by separating the display of hours, minutes, and seconds.


Historical Inspiration


Characterized by their precision, regulators made their appearance at the dawn of industrialized watchmaking. Historically used in manufacturing workshops, they served as a unique reference for workers to regulate their work. In the form of a large master clock, the regulator offered perfect readability from several meters away. To optimize time reading, each of the three indications was separated into distinct locations on the dial. Hours and minutes were distributed in sub-dials while seconds remained in the center with the most visible hand.


© Jacob & Co


Over time, watchmaking houses have maintained this connection with tradition by adapting regulators to pocket watches and wristwatches. They gradually became more popular for their aesthetics than for their precision. Today, the regulator regains its nobility with the Astronomia Regulator. This timepiece is Jacob & Co’s homage to mechanical prowess and this unique display.


The Astronomia Adventure

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Featured Photo : © Jacob & Co

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