Interview : TikTok, the new television according to Clarisse Castan

Clarisse Castan , 28, is the head of influence and social media for the Accor and ALL brands. This summer, the team launched an ALL account on TikTok. With nearly 40,000 subscribers and 3 million views, this account is very promising.


Who are you addressing on ALL’s TikTok account? Who are your targets? 


The community we address is rather international. We are present in more than 110 countries and own more than 5,000 hotels. We share content for a community interested in travel, lifestyle, sports, music or food. We have many partners such as Roland Garros, Paris Saint Germain or brands. In my opinion, it is very important to be present on social networks. We can attract tomorrow’s consumers thanks to the diversity of the group’s brands.


How did you come up with the idea of switching ALL to this social network? 


We launched All at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, two months out of containment, with a promise: live limitless, which was no longer possible with a whole world contained. Secondly, social networks have become a huge part of our communication strategy. The ALL at home campaign that we then set up was aimed at sharing, via Instagram and Facebook, unique content around our customers’ passions. TikTok was the next logical step. We follow the trend, try to find new communities and be at the heart of what’s happening in the market.


Can you tell us what happens during a TikTok?  


On the first part, we work on what we call the editorial line.  That is to say, the way we address our community and the type of content we will bring to it. We will post content according to a destination that we want to highlight or on a hotel, which has just been inaugurated as for example SO Paris. But we can also highlight content with our partners, like a concert at the Accor Arena or partnerships with influencers.

There are also opportunities that arise. We can be interested in events or experiences, start talking to talent and ask ourselves what would be relevant to collaborate with them on. I’m always hyper open and listening to the opportunities that come up, my team knows that. For social media, you have to adapt day by day.


Have you set any goals for yourself?


Of course we do. We always have numerical objectives, which we use to work internally and externally on our communications. We’re going to ask ourselves what we’re bringing to the table. How are our communities evolving? How many bookings can we generate? On TikTok, we have set goals in terms of engagement and follower recruitment to build a big community. We are quite happy because only 3 weeks after the launch, we were more than 10,000 followers, and since then it has only increased to reach nearly 40,000 today. In a second time, we will work on all the part aiming to bring traffic to our sites and support our business.


You have a rather VIP address book, do you rely on it to make your place on TikTok worthwhile? 


Three years ago, I was the director of a firm, I started to manage our VIP clients in parallel to my main missions, then we signed the partnership with the PSG. I started to create the influencers/celebrities/talents division. At that time, it was a second hat to my job, with an incredible ecosystem thanks to our portfolio of brands, hotels, experiences and partners.

I didn’t have any contacts, I based myself on the human element by developing tailor-made experiences so that the talents who collaborate with us, with our brands, with our partners, live a moment that they want to share with their community. Today, the talents we collaborate with share a lot of content and we have a strong network of more than 250 celebrities, talents and influencers with whom we work around the world and with whom we are in direct contact, without intermediaries or agencies.


What should a video contain to create appeal? 


On TikTok, there is a real trend around music. After that, it has to be interactive and attractive from the first three seconds. We have well-defined pillars around travel and the passions of our customers. From the beginning, we try to have something that engages our community. We do test and learn and that’s how we evolve. That’s also the technique we had on Instagram. We didn’t know if it would work. And yet, we produced content every day of the lockdown. We went out and got partners and had our ecosystem mobilized. In social media, you have to take risks and try. With a confined world, it was very complicated, but we always found solutions.


In your opinion, how does TikTok differ from other social networks? 


This platform has completely re-challenged the social media eco-system. It is now at the heart of the concerns of other platforms. More and more brands and especially more and more users are going there. In fact, it’s a new code, a new language and a new way to communicate without any real rules. The trends change every day and the content is hyper interactive. It’s the new television. It’s a total switch, which the current generations are taking us towards.


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