[INTERVIEW] Camille Fournet x Luxus+ contest: interview with Lucile Vasseur, prototypist at Camille Fournet

In collaboration with Camille Fournet, Luxus+ is organizing an exceptional contest. The 20 winners will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a leatherworking Masterclass, where they will be introduced to the crafting of a personalized card holder. In this context, the French High Leather Goods House has opened the doors of its workshop to reveal the secrets of its leather craftsmen. Interview.


L+: How does the House preserve its heritage while remaining innovative in the world of high leather goods?


Lucile Vasseur, prototypist at Camille Fournet: Camille Fournet House set up, in 2022, an internal training for its new artisans, taught by a leatherworker with over 25 years of experience. We have a commitment to our know-how and its transmission from generation to generation.

At the same time, this does not prevent us from constantly monitoring technological advancements, with 3D printing for watch strap interiors or new sewing machines that allow us to achieve previously impossible creations…

Exchanges with the House’s designer, Claire Aubadie-Ladrix, during the development of a new product, also push us to constantly look for new ways of doing things, in order to meet her demands.


L+: How have leather crafting techniques evolved over the years at Camille Fournet, and are there any recent innovations that have influenced your approach to prototyping?


LV: Camille Fournet House has evolved its techniques over the years but its demand for well-done and quality work has remained the same.

Over the last 10 to 20 years, we have relied on CAD, digital cutting, 3D printing, and laser technologies to advance our profession towards even more precision and to meet our clients and their demands in the best possible time.


L+: The masterclass offered as a reward for the contest seems to be a unique experience. What can participants expect to learn during this experience?


LV: During these workshops, the client will be able to glue, dye the edges, hot stamp, and even hand sew their product. All these immersive experiences will allow them to share our daily demands: rigor, precision, dexterity…

They will realize the complexity of these tasks and the time required for their qualitative execution. They will also understand the importance of the transmission of our experienced craftsmen to our new recruits and the time this learning can take.


L+: What advice would you give to those aspiring to become craftsmen in the field of leather goods?


LV: We are fortunate to work in a field of passion, with noble materials that require constant adaptation. This allows us to be challenged on a daily basis.

Today, more and more people aspire to give meaning to their daily lives, to work in manual jobs, with tangible objects. I think our profession perfectly matches these values that a future craftsman will need to share.

It is also a profession of constant learning, new techniques, new materials… One will need to be patient and persevering.



Featured photo : ©Lucile Vasseur

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