INSEAD Future Forum 2023: the program finally unveiled

The INSEAD Future Forum, organized by the INSEAD School of Management and its digital INSEAD department, returns on May 11 at M Social in Paris. It will focus on the potential of Web3 in transforming the fashion and luxury industries—the opportunity to meet various brands, Web3 experts, and academics. Discover without further delay the program of this half-day event.


How will Web3 transform Luxury and fashion? This is the issue of this new conference of the INSEAD Future Forum. An event rich in discoveries and meetings, composed of 6 conferences, including 3 round tables.


Blockchain, NFTs/Digital collectibles, metaverse/virtual worlds, and other avatars… are all emerging technologies that will profoundly transform the relationship between luxury brands and exclusivity, creation, and customer relations. Community-based, meritocratic, open, and immersive, these new tools – linked to Web3 – can also respond to the luxury industry’s main challenges, such as the transparency of product traceability and its guarantee of authenticity as customer commitment and loyalty over time.



This new edition of the Insead Forum will host various experts from the fashion and luxury industries, including executives from LVMH, Kering, Farfetch, Meta, and Louboutin.


The event will start at 4 pm, with a keynote speech by the organizers, Katia Kachan, president of Luxury For the Future, and Frédéric Godart, associate professor of organizational behavior at Insead.


The first conference, Fireside Chat, will follow this. It will be moderated by Carol Hilsum, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Farfetch, one of the world’s largest luxury goods e-commerce platforms, which is very much at the forefront of technology, especially in the Chinese market. She will discuss the need to move from Web2 to Web3 to innovate in luxury retail.


The first keynote around blockchain will be moderated by Daniela Ott, secretary general of Aura Blockchain Consortium. An entity created in 2021 by LVMH, Prada group, and Cartier, which aims to develop applications of blockchain technology and raise the standards of luxury. It will be about excellence in the experience as well as in the customer relationship.


A second discussion will come in the fourth part, lasting 30 minutes. It will be co-led by Grégory Boutté, director of customer and digital at Kering as well as Frédéric Godart, conference organizer. This panel of speakers will answer the question: why are the web and the metaverse key to a global digital strategy?


A 100% female round table will follow and invite three Web3 experts to converse about marketing in the metaverse with a specific topic: the necessity of a test & learn approach to innovate and last in this new “far web.”
It will be guided by Elise Yoshida, director of digital and web3 communication at Christian Louboutin, and Violaine Gressier, global head of the luxury and beauty industry at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Katia Katchan, another organizer of this event, will also be present.


A second round table will be held on the topic: From invention to tech adoption: integrating Web3 into business models. It will be moderated by four experts: Laetitia Roche-Grenet, director of open innovation at LVMH; Benoît Aubas, Web3 manager at LVMH; Luc Miramont, creative director at Cosmic Shelter as well as Katia Kachan, who will be present for the third time during this conference afternoon.


A final round table will be articulated around a panel of start-ups explaining what NFTs are and their functions. Jessie Fu, co-founder of Altr, a company providing an automated access control solution for enterprise data, will be present. There will also be Paul Warren, co-founder and CEO of Blocklive, Marc Trensig, founder of Artysium, a creative and innovative studio for the virtual world, and finally, Frederic Godart.


To end this afternoon, placed under the sign of new technologies and virtual worlds, a last keynote will be led by Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, who will speak about his company Arianee. A protocol and a community around digital identity aim to link luxury brands and token holders.


A cocktail will be offered to the guests to end this instructive day on a recreational note.


Full program by clicking here.


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