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Idealo study reveals the three best-selling fragrances for Valentine’s Day

Idealo study reveals the three best-selling fragrances for Valentine’s Day

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As February 14th approaches, couples are wondering what to give for Valentine’s Day. After flowers, chocolates or jewelry, perfumes are the most popular and appreciated gift. But how to choose? Which brand is the most popular? An Idealo study answers these questions and reveals the top 3 most popular fragrances for Valentine’s Day.


Perfume is synonymous with seduction, desire and envy. As a reflection of one’s personality, it is a primordial asset that awakens one of the five senses. It is therefore not surprising that lovers wish to choose the scent that their other half will wear.


The price comparison company Idealo, whose mission is above all to help users make the best purchasing decision, has investigated for you, and reveals the three most requested perfumes for the lovers’ day.


La vie est belle (Lancôme)


This perfume classic is unsurprisingly in the top 3. We don’t know if it’s the Julia Roberts effect or the fragrance’s intoxicating notes that make men fall for it, but either way, it remains very popular.

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Considered the favorite perfume of French women for a long time, La vie est belle is a safe bet. Its name is synonymous with dreams and positivity. Jointly imagined by three renowned perfumers, this fragrance is composed of noble materials such as iris, patchouli, vanilla for a unique gourmand accord, according to the House of Lancôme.



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