How is the French tableware sector doing?


Francéclat, the professional and economic committee for goldsmiths, tableware, watches, jewelry, and jewelry, unveiled last May its report on the key figures for 2021 on the tableware industry. A look at the evolution of the sector and its economic values.


Despite numerous disruptions due to the health crisis or the rise in energy prices, the tableware sector has shown a beautiful resilience and a significant development compared to previous years.


The sector has identified four drivers for this development: the enthusiasm of the French for their interiors (+13% compared to 2020), an enthusiasm for products and the CSR dimension that accompanies them, a sustained demand from the hotel and restaurant industry and a growing footprint of luxury brands in the home.


Gwenaëlle L’Hénoret, vice president of marketing for Arc International EMEA, the global benchmark for tableware, commented on the data, saying: “The release from containment and the reopening of restaurants in May 2021 has had a very positive impact on the entire industry. All of a sudden, we were overwhelmed by a very large influx of orders from the restaurant sector, which we are still struggling to satisfy today” .



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The editorial team
The editorial team
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