Hospitality: Mondrian Sets Sail for Romania

The city of Bucharest, capital of Romania, is preparing to welcome the next Mondrian address. Owned by the French group Accor, the American brand is known for its high-end establishments, resolutely focused on the art of living.


Accor is strengthening its presence in the world of hospitality by venturing into Eastern Europe. At the heart of Bucharest, capital of Romania, a new Mondrian hotel will soon open its doors. Affiliated with the Ennismore group, whose majority shareholder since 2021 is none other than the French giant Accor, Mondrian establishments are renowned for their “lifestyle” approach to the hotel experience.


The Mondrian Bucharest will be located at 8-10 Georges Clemenceau Street, near the Romanian Athenaeum. In charge of the design, the Romanian company Lemon Interior Design plans to create a sophisticated and elegant space inspired by a local fairy tale titled A Youth Without Age and Life Without Death. 


The Mondrian Bucharest will undoubtedly be a flagship destination for Bucharest, where every detail tells a story and demonstrates how a carefully crafted concept can transform a space into a memorable experience,” said Elena Oancea, co-founder of Lemon Interior Design.


The hotel will offer around a hundred rooms and suites as well as luxurious facilities, including a pool and a spa. On the dining side, the high-end offer will be provided by world-renowned chefs. Mondrian establishments are also known for their trendy lounge bars that attract a young and upscale clientele. The Mondrian Bucharest is expected to be no exception. 


Successful Partnership


This upcoming opening is part of a partnership between Ennismore and One United Properties, a company specialized in the development, promotion, and management of residential and business real estate assets located in Romania. Both parties welcomed this signing, which took place on March 7th, resulting in the creation of an unprecedented exceptional place in the Romanian capital. “Mondrian is eager to celebrate the culture that is at the heart of Bucharest’s history and the DNA of our brand,” affirmed Chadi Farhat, Chief Operating Officer of the hotel brand. 


This partnership represents an important step for our company, marking our entry into the hospitality market in Bucharest and, at the same time, a significant step in redefining the luxury landscape in the Bucharest hotel market.” said Victor Căpitanu, co-founder and co-CEO of One United.


Conquering Europe

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Featured Photo: © Ennismore

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