Hong Kong luxury home rents could fall by up to 15%

In China, the increase in Covid-19 cases has sent some cities into lockdown. There will be many consequences, especially for real estate.


In Hong Kong, analysts are predicting luxury home rents will fall by up to 15% as expatriates leave to escape the country’s zero Covid policy.


Indeed, in the first quarter of 2022, rents for high-end houses and flats fell between 2.6% and 4%, with the Kowloon and New Territories areas seeing the biggest drops, according to property consultancy Savills.



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Featured photo : © Shutterstock


Hélène Cougot
Hélène Cougot
Passionate about art and fashion, Hélène went to a fashion design school: the Atelier Chardon-Savard. She then completed her training with an MBA in Marketing at ISG. She has written for the magazine Do it in Paris and specializes in writing articles about luxury, art and fashion for Luxus +.

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