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Hennessy X Frank O. Gehry: A prestigious collaboration between architecture and wine estates

Hennessy X Frank O. Gehry: A prestigious collaboration between architecture and wine estates

It was for the 150th anniversary of the Hennessy cognac house worldwide that the American-Canadian architect Frank Owen Gehry was asked to create a limited edition of 150 bottles at a price of 15,000 euros.


The holidays are approaching and many brands are already thinking about their special holiday collections for the end of the year. From limited editions to new collaborations, the holidays rhyme with magic and surprise.


The world of wines and spirits is increasingly in vogue and in demand by luxury wine lovers, which is why major houses and châteaux regularly call upon renowned architects to come and dress their elixirs and offer their services.


The Hennessy house, headquartered in Cognac in the Charente region of France, is the leader in the eaux-de-vies market. For its 150 years of history, the brand decided to mark the occasion by signing 150 unique bottles throughout the world of its XO “Extra Old” cognac, its oldest eau-de-vie that is 10 years old.


Frank Gehry drew his inspiration from the roots and branches of the Cognac vine stocks as well as from the round and light shapes of the Charente river that runs through the city. For the materials, the architect wanted to give a rare and ultra-exclusive dimension to these bottles by using bronze covered with 24-carat gold on top, giving them a more than luxurious look.


Hennessy elixirs further enhance the image of the house by positioning itself on the high-end in its pure state. With only 150 bottles available worldwide, the single-unit bottle is on sale at a price of 15,000 euros. This is something that few people can afford, especially billionaires from around the world, Russians or Chinese for example, but also American stars who are great wine and spirits lovers. The Cognaçaise house has nevertheless thought of everyone by offering for sale a second “limited edition” boxed set at the more affordable price of 220 euros.


Other brands have also played the card of prestigious collaboration to impress the amateurs of this market, starting with the French castle  La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs which worked again with the French architect Jean Nouvel, once again in 2013 on the property of the château by redesigning certain living spaces, and this time on a box: the Saint-Emilion grand cru Art Russe, sold at the price of 270 euros according to the vintage purchased (its age). The bottle is imagined in an original way, contained in a cylinder of wood and waxed concrete, bearing a label representing a Russian work of art belonging to the foundation of Andreï Filatov, patron, businessman and owner of La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs.

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Maison Hennessy and the Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs are not the only ones to have offered the services of these two great architects. The Château la Coste located in Aix also called upon the two architects on different projects, notably Jean Nouvel who took care of the château’s wine making cellars and Frank Gehry who was in charge of designing the château’s current music pavilion.





Featured photo: © Hennessy

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