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Hennessy offers Alicia Keys and Lang Lang on piano

Hennessy offers Alicia Keys and Lang Lang on piano

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Hennessy, the French cognac brand, has called on two international artists, Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, to promote its Paradis wine in its latest campaign.


The French House, owned by LVMH, promises paradise in its new campaign that highlights one of its eaux-de-vie, the Paradis cuvée.


In this video, some excerpts of which have been revealed, the two artists play back to back at the piano in the desert of Utah in the United States.  The American Alicia Keys wears loose black pants with a red flying top, while the Chinese virtuoso Lang Lang wears a black double-breasted suit with…red sneakers. A very Stendhalian duo.


As poetic as it is melodious, this new campaign transports us into a waking dream. One could almost forget that it is an advertisement for Cognac. But in a more concrete way, the meeting of these two musical talents symbolizes the art of blending inherent to the eaux-de-vie of this family.


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