Heading to San Diego for Louis Vuitton’s Cruise Fashion Show!

The French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton set sail in San Diego, California, USA, for its 2023 Cruise fashion show on Thursday, May 12.


The artistic director of the house, Nicolas Ghesquière, chose the scientific research institute Salk Institute to show his Cruise collection.


A place with unique architecture


Nicolas Ghesquière loves to mix his two passions: architecture and fashion. So, it’s no surprise that he chose a unique architectural venue like the Salk Institute for his fashion show. Designed by Louis Kahn, this biological study institution, considered a jewel of American brutalist architecture from the 1960s, perfectly matches the designer’s universe.


Salk Institute Office of Technology Development | LinkedIn
© Salk Institute


The models walked around the huge travertine courtyard open to the Pacific, surrounded by 29 concrete structures articulated around this same courtyard. With its perfect interplay of line, light and geometry, it was the perfect venue for this event.


The Cruise collection, which Nicolas Ghesquière considers a point of contact between light and human beings could only be unveiled at sunset. Under a golden light, the singer Lous and the Yakuza opens the show dressed in a silver dress.


Lous and the Yakuza. © Louis Vuitton


Then follow silhouettes some more futuristic than others, like Lauren Wasser’s.


Lauren Wasser, mannequin inspirante
Lauren Wasser. © Louis Vuitton


From metallic embroidery to long silver coats, leather harnesses or bustiers with lamé effect, hybrid and modern looks make up this collection, giving the models conquering looks of modern times…





Featured Photo : © Louis Vuitton


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